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Aart Bik's PhD Research

MT1: A Sparse Compiler

The Fortran compiler MT1 is a sparse compiler, i.e. a special kind of source-to-source restructuring compiler that can automatically transform a dense program (in which all operations on matrices are implemented using two-dimensional arrays) into a semantically equivalent sparse program (operating on more complicated sparse data structures), thereby reducing storage requirements and computational time of the original application. The methodology used by this compiler is described in detail in Aart Bik's PhD thesis.


This PhD thesis, supervised by prof. dr. H.A.G. Wijshoff, received the C.J. Kok Award (outstanding thesis award) from the Leiden University. Below, the compiler is made available without fee for education, research, and non-profit purposes.

Download license, documentation, runtime support, and binary of MT1: Individual downloads:

PhD Thesis Errata

Below are errata for the printed version of Aart Bik's PhD thesis (some of these have already been corrected in the downloadable postscript).

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