JAVAB - A prototype bytecode parallelization tool

JAVAB is a prototype bytecode tool that can automatically detect and exploit implicit loop parallelism in bytecode, i.e. the architectural neutral instructions of the JVM. Implicit parallelism is made explicit by means of the multi-threading mechanism provided by the JVM. Automatically exploiting implicit parallelism at bytecode level can be done independently from the source program and platform from which the bytecode was obtained, and independently from the platform on which the bytecode eventually will run. The parallelized bytecode remains architectural neutral and may exhibit speedup on any platform that supports the true parallel execution of JVM threads. Note that JAVAB has been incorporated in the Fortran-to-Java translator f2j (Dongarra and Seymour).

Download documentation and complete source code of JAVAB (version 1.0.7BETA):

Individual downloads: The tools JAVAR and JAVAB were developed as part of high performance Java research at the Indiana University.
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