Aart Bik's Glass Page

[CHESS_FOR_GLASS] In March 2013, Aart Bik joined Google[x], where he worked on the GDK (Glass Development Kit). As a fun after-hours project, he implemented Chess for Glass using many GDK components.


Chess for Glass

[CHESS_FOR_GLASS_LOGO] Chess for Glass is Glassware that runs directly on your Glass device (terms of service). You can enter moves by simply saying the moves, or by using the touch pad. Other features include a choice in board color, spoken move announcements, and the ability to import any third party chess engine to replace the friendly built-in Java engine. Chess for Glass recognizes Android Chessbase compatible engines and supports both the popular UCI and XBoard/WinBoard protocols.

Tapping the touch pad opens the following menu strucure.


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